Hey guys..

2009-06-21 23:30:32 by trueWolF

Hey newgrounds.. just lettin you know i'm here, tryin out the new art system. :D

My name's Todd Rad.. i'm livin in San Fransisco right now studying to be an illustrator at the academy of art..

I used to be a 2d animator..

I used to animate when i was around 13 or 14ish.. and lost a lot of time 'cause of it.. so i ended up just doing a lot of still drawings in flash.. got myself a wacom, worked a bit from there, then mainly doing digital paintings and learned of how much i love it :D.. So time came that i had to head out to UNI.. and at that point was when i was like.. i'll get to do animation again which i havn't had time to do in the past, so i enrolled as a 2d animation major..
I was thinking that i would get a job as an animator and digi paint/draw/paint as my hobby..

.. i don't mean to brag.. but pretty much throughout the semester of my first digital animation class i was ranked at the top 2.. But whenever i would come home, i could not wait to get my animation hw over to start on a new digital painting..

Then on my second semester when i took traditional animation.. i was like woa this is gunna be cool.. and i was ranked pretty high, i think top 5.. in the first half.. and always.. i would spend minimal time animating.. and working on some kind of painting/drawing... and after that i realized, i am actually an illustrator and i started feeling slight hate over animation... every time i was assigned hw... i was like god damnit.. i hav to work on this.. but during my drawing classes i was excited bout goin home and workin on it.. so now i'm 18 turning 19 in aug.. and switched over to illustration and loving it so much :D

So what i'm saying is.. if you love something.. go for it.. and nothing else..